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"Your conscience is like the Akashic Records. It records everything you do and say. Your conscience will be where ever you are. You can not hide from it, neither can you run away from it. It is your GREATEST TEACHER and consistent reminder. 

It will remind you of all the things you have done to others out of selfishness or maliciousness. It will remind you of all the harsh words spoken or any pain you have caused another willfully. 

It will remind you of the lies you told. It will remind you of your negative actions. 

The conscience will be constantly playing in your mind until you change your ways. Those who do not have a conscience is soulless. Those with a soul have a chance to change if they so choose. It will always be down to your choice.”

- Jurne Azubiah 

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    We choose who to be every day in every moment. I’ve always believed that.
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