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This is Pandi. A very inspirational artist who lives here in Ubud. His work is very unique and full of meaning. His work is like no other in Ubud and has a Picasso flare to it.
He paints birds in all of his paintings which symbolises freedom.

His studio/gallery is situated in the heart of the rice fields. His studio/gallery first caught my eye, while out on a photo walk.

I first stopped outside and then wandered inside. I was captivated by his free form style. His brush stokes had no boundaries. I really like his work.

Today I spent sometime with Pandi, speaking about art and his journey as an artist. I showed him some of my work and he encouraged me to print my virtual paintings (done on my iPad) on to canvas and put on an exhibition. He mentioned Johnny K’s gallery. Another confirmation. Johnny K is like family now. We hang out at his studio often. His gallery is big and spacious enough to put on an amazing exhibition.

Here I AM tryin to find my own style when I have already found it. I AM a virtual painter. Sometimes we just need an ounce of encouragement to get moving. I thoroughly injoyed my time spent with Pandi.

His paintings are being sold for huge amounts of $$ all over the world.

“Pandi will be famous in 2020”

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